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You find the amazing secret recipe, the company or service everyone need to taste ? That's a good start !

Do you think about all your needs ? Are you sure to know exactly where to begin for your project have a good start ?

If you're on this website, you surely think that you need a webdesign expert on your side !

My name is Raphaël Vallauri, I'm graphic & webdesigner freelance and I work in Toulouse, France. I can help you to find the best graphic & strategic solutions about :

  • Art direction
  • Visual communication
  • Website & mobile application

Let's work together, build your story and develop your buisiness !

Works I've done

Graphically cooked

Azur Biotopes

Humans of Toulouse

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Skills you'll need

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UX / UI & Integration

In a restaurant, you are looking for a carefull dressing ? Your users want the same about you !
Take the lead, follow your vision and surround yourself with a skilled webdesigner to give it a life.

  • Webdesign, UX/UI design
  • User experience
  • Information design
  • Interaction design, SVG animation
  • HTML / CSS / Jquery
  • CMS / WordPress
  • SEO & Web redaction
  • On-page & performance optimization


Design & illustration

Your dishes are carefully dressed now but may we could do better ? An elegant decorated restaurant room, a nice storefront could certainly be remembered !
Let's work on a strong and unforgettable graphic identity and user experience :)

  • Art direction
  • Graphic chart
  • Visual identity
  • Illustration
  • Print


Design & musical identity

You want people remembered their visit ? Let's create a soundscape that will improve this digital experience !
For an ambitious website or a video presentation, we'll find the best sound for your identity !

  • Musical identity
  • Sounddesign
  • Digital experience
  • Soundscape


Webdesign & coding teachings

To complete this experience on a perfect taste : let's work together to give you the keys of this new tool !
Strategic adivces, wordpress administration, I'll bring you far in this digital sphere !

  • WordPress formation
  • Professionnal intervention
  • HTML / CSS
  • Digital experience
  • Interface design

Elegant education

creative cocktail

National Diploma of Fine Art
Master's Degree - Digital Art
  • Master's degree - Digital ArtToulouse Jean Jaurès University - France - 2015
  • National Diploma of Fine ArtsSuperior Institute of Toulouse's Art - France - 2012
  • One year under graduat
    Nationwide exams in art preparationVilla Thiole - Nice - 2009
  • British A-levels in marketingLycée Albert 1er - Monaco - 2008

Employement history

overcooked knowledge

  • Former WebdesignE-ArtSup, School of Creative Passion - Toulouse - since 2018
  • Webdesigner, UX/UI designerInfomil (R&D for French supermarket E.Leclerc) - Toulouse - 2017-2018
  • Art director, graphic & webesignerFreelancer - since 2015
  • Graphic & webdesigner, Woodboard designerBakélite - Toulouse - 2014
  • Stage Manager
    Exhibition Dominique GhesquièreC.I.A.P. - Vassivière - 2013
  • Personnal exhibition "Frontière(s)"University Paris 8 - Paris - 2012
  • Autor, interpreter, art director, graphic & webdesigner LP "Commedia" - A Plane to the Void - 2015 EP "Memento Mori" - A Plane to the Void - 2008
Employement History illustration

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